Some opportunities are #2 good 2 pass up

When Isaiah Crowell’s touchdown celebration led to the “Wipe Heard Round The World” the opportunity was just too good to pass up for DudeWipes, a long term client  with a knack for bathroom humor. With just 1 well timed instagram post, DudeWipes was able to keep the story going for another week. The headlines speak for themselves, “Isaiah Crowell Turns Fake Butt Wipe Touchdown Celebration Into Endorsement Deal”

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On the first day of the post, DudeWipes was mentioned on 3 television programs on ESPN. They also received an organic mention on the Howard Stern show, as well as the Adam Carolla Podcast. 29 + articles were written about this endorsement deal, with a conservative estimate of well over 3 million impressions. ESPN, Bleacher Report, NFL, Barstool Sports, CBS, Sports Ilustrated, Yahoo, and many more. saw the highest number of organic traffic for a week straight.

Entering conversations that Charmin can’t

Over the past year, DudeWipes’ social media platforms have grown tremendously due to the use of toilet humor memes, fast thinking reactions to topical events, earned media, and some smart influencer marketing. Their community management is on point, and twitter specifically has allowed them a platform to reach new audiences, ruffle a few feathers, and earn lots of impressions.

Great Results

DudeWipes are setting a new standard that combines precise social listening and intelligence with actionable results. The long and short is, it’s not the budget you have that counts. What matters is allowing your brand to have a voice. You can relax. You can be professional. Do both and you’ll thrive. Butt, being clean is an added bonus.


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So What’s Next?

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