I’m a digital media marketing consultant based in Los Angeles.

Whether you want to start your brand’s Instagram from scratch, grow your Youtube subscribers, make that tweet that gets 100k retweets, or just chat about creating some buzz online and in the media, I’m here to help you accomplish those goals.

Digital Strategy/ Social Media Marketing / Earned Media


The brains behind DUDE Wipes aren’t interested in the pay-to-play model. Instead, they pounce when they spot DUDE-related news pegs, insert themselves into viral media narratives, and ride the free publicity train. Over the past seven years, this approach has earned DUDE Wipes a staggering collection of press clippings that would make some pricey PR firms envious.

Youtube Growth and Development

BRian Barczyk

After having a successful youtube channel for many years and being one of the first in the space, Brian wanted help for his newly started vlogging channel. Through specific video ideas, collabs with the top Youtube talent and creators, celebrity encounters, and a bit of luck, Brian’s youtube channel sits at 2.3 million subscribers only a few years later.

Digital Strategy / Earned Media / Youtube Development

Verne Troyer

Over the years, the content that was created for Verne received hundreds of millions of impressions, gathered thousands upon thousands of comments and words of encouragement, and most importantly brought smiles to the people who watched it. Which is what Verne wanted most.

Youtube Partnerships / Business Development

Infinity Aquariums

Infinity Aquarium Design specializes in the design and installation of custom aquariums in Los Angeles and Orange County, throughout Southern California, and across the nation! Their aquarium design company provides these services for both residential and commercial interiors as well as television and studio film productions, and they wanted to get their feet “wet” with Youtube.

So What’s Next?

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